Self Defense-Is There a Stun Gun in Your Future?

With unprecedented and almost uncontrolled amount of crime, personal attacks, robberies and rape incidences, the need for self-defense has gained top priority in our lives. Pepper sprays and stun guns are widely accepted as perfect tools for use in self defense.

Everyone, man, woman, young, old, rich poor, Christian, Muslim, Jew all need self defense to protect themselves. Crime is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives-makes no difference who you are. Anybody can become a target of theft, murder, burglary, rape or assault so it is for our self interest to stay prepared to handle any unwanted event in our life.

These days you can find a wide variety of self defense and personal safety products and services available in the market. A stun gun is one of these. A stun gun is an effective non lethal self defense device that temporarily disables a person with electric shock by putting out a high voltage and low amperage shock. The high voltage which ranges form 80,000 to 975,000 is enough to go through the thickest of clothing, but at just 3 milliamps it will not do any long term damage to the body. So it is more for self defense than to cause injury.


Stun guns temporarily incapacitate targets by sending a high voltage but low amperage charge of electricity to the nervous system. This causes a disruption in the body’s neurological impulses that control muscle movement overwhelming the neuromuscular system causing the victim to lose balance and become confused. It also causes temporary partial paralysis and depletes the body’s system of blood sugar (energy) making the body too weak to move for approximately 5-10 minutes

Stun guns have an effectiveness rating of 86%.

If you are looking for self-defense, travel security or personal security, a stun gun can be one of your best choices available. They are effective, affordable, easy to carry and use-when are you getting one?

Chances are very good that you are reading this because in some way crime has touched your life or you want to be proactive and protect yourself, family, home, or business from the ravages of crime. That is the first step.

Using Satellite Radio Anomalies as a Defense Radar Grid for ICBM Attack

With all the satellite radio users out there and all the radio waves coming in perhaps we should use this as a background pattern like a radar grid. Thus if there is a disruption passing through like an airliner, well we have a back up system in case our radar systems go down.

If there is an unidentified flying object, which shows up as a disruption anomaly with this field in an area, which is not a known flight path trajectory for airlines or military then we should start tracking it; because it could indeed be a threat to our national security.

Additionally using anomalies from several sources such as data coming back from high-tech weather satellites, Department of Defense radar systems and commercial satellite assets. No sense in launching an ICBM anti-missile at a meteorite coming in and burning up in the atmosphere or a piece of space junk falling out of low-orbit.

We need to have multiple data sets to determine exactly what something is, exactly how fast it is traveling and exactly what threat it could potentially be. By having more data, along with our top of the line super computers, we also can increase our kill rate chances of shooting down any potential threat. So I hope you will consider all this in 2006.

How Online Based Security Vault Systems Operate

There are various online-based protection vault providers that offer storage services of information and documentation in easy to use web-based applications. Their systems usually consist of advanced safety features and information encryption processes, meaning the contents stored on these security systems are only accessible by people who possess passwords to them. The people who can access the contents of such vaults can be appointed representatives like family members and legal representatives and the owners of the vaults.

Unlike other vaults the precautions vaults owned and protected by the Online based safe keeping providers, allow for 24/7 contact with one’s documents, and vault owners can customize the level of data they choose to save on the vault.

What information can be stored on the web-based defense vault systems?

• Wills and legal papers

• Vital documents like marriage, death and birth certificates

• Details of bank accounts and financial records

• Mementos and family photos

• Data on the safety deposit boxes

• Insurance information and policies information

• Passwords for files and other relevant personal details

To be able to store original documents into the vault, one can scan them and store the documents as PDF versions. “To store documents on the online based protection vaults” an individual can upload them directly using the secure links provided for by their preferred protection vault provider.

What are the benefits of storing information on a security vault?

There numerous benefits to storing and owning an online defense vault. In case, someone dies unexpectedly or becomes incapacitated, the information stored on the vault can be used by an appointed family representative or an appointed representative of the deceased or incapacitated vault owner; in order to minimize the complications associated with settling an estate or taking care of matters that are legal. The safety measures vault by online stationed security solutions comes in handy for travelers since; the vault allows them to save their wallets contents and details on things like passports and birth certificates that they can access when they get to their destination. The online vaults are programmed in a way that they proffer an ideal location that is straightforward and can be managed easily when it comes to storing relevant data by vault owners.

The defense vaults are also able to provide information on the location details of where to find an original document stored in the vault. The aforementioned security feature comes in handy for families embroiled in a tussle over the management of an estate.

Is It Possible to cancel these web-based safe keeping Services at Any Time?

Most of these web solutions can be cancelled easily before the next billings by the solutions providers.

Mr. Joe Castaldo is a fraud expert with over 10 years experience as a law enforcement officer. Before forming IronNet Solutions, Mr. Castaldo served as a Lieutenant in Texas SWAT team.

Stormer HVM Short – Range Air Defense Missile System

The Stormer HVM (High Velocity Missile) is a short-range air defense system. It was developed primarily to counter the threat of attack helicopters and low-flying aircraft posed to armored formations. This air defense system is in service with the British Army. The first of 151 systems entered service in 1997. The only export operator is Oman.

This air defense system is equipped with Starstreak HVM missiles. Launchers are located towards the rear together with their target sensors. The Starstreak missiles have a two-stage solid propellant rocket motor and travel at more than three times the speed of sound (Mach 3.5). Each missile contains three high-density darts with impact fuses and explosive warheads, to make multiple hits on the target. The darts are released as the second stage of the motor burns out. Missiles have a range of 1 500 – 5 500 meters and can counter even high performance low-flying aircraft. Service ceiling for these missiles is 1 000 m. The Starstreak HVM has a semi-automatic line of sight laser beam riding guidance. Missiles are guided on the target by the operator, who tracks the target using the optically stabilized sight.

It is worth noting, that the Starstreak missiles are also effective against ground targets. It is estimated, that darts have sufficient kinetic energy to penetrate the front armor of an IFV.

Eight ready to fire missiles are stored in the launchers and up to 12 reload missiles are carried inside the hull. It is worth mentioning that the Starstreak missiles are also launched form a three-round lightweight launcher and a man portable shoulder launcher.

Vehicle has a roof-mounted panoramic weapon sight and an air defense alerting device for target recognition and prioritization. The Stormer air defense system is capable of rapid engagement and has a high hit probability.

Vehicle has a crew of three, including commander, operator and driver.

This air defense system is based on a modified Alvis Stormer armored personnel carrier chassis. Vehicle is powered by a Perkins turbocharged diesel engine, developing 250 hp. It seems that this missile carrier is amphibious with some preparation.

Sources from the UK MoD claim, that since 2009 Stormers are being gradually decommissioned, mainly because the threat of an airborne attack on Western forces has almost completely disappeared.